Team of Experts

Use very opportunity to collaborate! It’s impossible to be everywhere and have every experience. Therefore, it is important to engage others in the research and development stages of one’s work. I did this with each of my books and in all my training materials and workshops. Plus, it makes it fun and rewarding!

If you have not done so already, seek out other experts. How? Visit your client base, reconnect with prospects, and actively network for new ideas and answers. The following individuals served as fact checkers and offered insights, experiences, quotes, and case studies that enhance the content of each book. The book icons indicate the books our experts helped develop. (Note: Their titles and company affiliations are listed at the time of their involvement. In many cases, this has changed.)

“Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings and Confident Interactions”
“Success Strategies for Networking in Person and Online”
“Dining Strategies for Building and Sustaining Business Relationships”
“Event Strategies for Successful Business Entertaining and Education”

The Art of Professional Connections
Team of Experts

Neelum T. Aggarwal, MD
Associate Professor of Neurology, Rush University Medical Center

Gelie Akhenblit
Founder and President

Terry Banks
Process Improvement & Training Manager
Toyota Motor Sales

Cheryl Valdez Barsanti
Concierge Exhibitor Services

Larry Canepa
Chef Culinary Educator
Restaurant Marketing Partners

Tranda Covington
Event Planner, Protocol & Etiquette Expert

Sergio Gaona
Catering Chief
Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen

Angela Gregory
Wedding Planner
The Riverside Church NY

Sanjay Gupta
Kreativ Enterprises

Donna Hoffman
Women on Course

Durward Hofler, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
College of Business & Management, NIU

Dan Hotchkin
Golf Pro
Palatine Hills Golf Club

Evelyn Howell, CPA
Retired Vice President
Sara Lee Corporation

Lisa James
Protocol & Etiquette Expert
Lisa James and Associates

Christine Jurich
Corporate Healthcare Recruiter

Antoinette Kellerher-Raynes
Social Media Consultant
Raynes Partnerships, LLC

Zak Kimble
Director of Sales & Marketing

Horst Kniesel
Retired First Vice President
JP Morgan Chase NA

Robert R. Kraemer, Jr.
Transaction Advisory Services Associate
Ernst & Young, LLP

Len Kreusler
Licensed U.S. Customs Broker
International Freight Forwarder

Karen “Kaye” Lamb
Career Services
Arizona State University

Patricia Leupp
Mr. Formal of Phoenix

Randall Ling
Catering Director
Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen

Paul Logli
President & CEO
United Way of Rock River Valley

Jennifer Longdon
Writer & Speaker
Policy Advocate on Issues Impacting People with Disabilities.

Chef Francine Marz, MBA, CEC
Academic Director of Culinary Programs
The International Culinary School™ at the Art Institute of Phoenix

David Medrano
Assistant Dean
University of Toyota

Nicolas Mills, GL
Wine Scout/Sommelier
Bounty Hunter Rare Wine Co.

Jim Norman
Vice President Diversity
Kraft Foods

Greg Nosek
Greg Nosek Audio/Visual Services, Phoenix

Haydee Pampel, CMP
President and CEO
MeetingLink, LLC

Maripat Quinn, Ph.D.
Public Relations Director
Heritage Trust

Simi Chaddha Ranajee, MBA
Protocol & Etiquette Expert
Former Miss India

Susan Ratliff
Speaker and Author
Exhibit Like An Expert

Brian Roach
Sales Executive
SAP America

Arlene Romaine
International Etiquette and Protocol Advisor
Language Specialist

In Memory of Jim Rosati (2013)
Rosati Restaurants

Diane Roundy, MBA
Director of Business Development

Jennifer Rue
Talent Powering, LLC

Lon Safko
Inventor, Speaker, and Author
“The Social Media Bible”

Jackie Sanborn
Fullerton College

Amy Suess-Garcia
Senior Director of Global Customer Service
Taylor Company

Chef Billy Sy, MBA, CEC, AAC, CMC-China
Retired Senior Academic Director
The International Culinary School™

Steve Teeple
Safe Air Testing, Inc.

Douglas Trapasso
Wine Expert & Author
Chicago Pinot Blog

Maryanne Weiss
Gustare, Ltd.

Paula West
Chief of Protocol
City of Phoenix

Jason Wong
Chairman of the Board

Quotes and Tips from Business Professionals and Authors

Jennifer Aniston, Actress (Dining Strategies)
Letitia Baldrige, Author, New Manners for New Times (Dining Strategies)
Gilat Ben-Dor, Founder and Director, Renaissance Wine Academy (Dining Strategies)
Anita Brick, Career Services, University of Chicago School of Business (Event Strategies)
Robert Burg, Author, Endless Referrals (Networking Strategies)
Tania Carriere, Advivum, Canada (Networking and Event Strategies)
Robert L. Canel, Attorney at Law, Acquest Title Services, LLC (Dining Strategies)
Nicholas Castrogiovanni, General Manager, Giovanni’s Restaurant & Convention Center (Dining Strategies)
Ann Conway, Columnist, Chicago Tribune (Dining Strategies)
R. J. Conway, Attorney, (Seven Steps)
Amy Cook, Freelance Editor (Dining Strategies)
Mary Cravets, Speed Networking Maven and Business Coach (Networking Strategies)
Wallie Dayal, Dayal Resources (Event Strategies)
Rick V. Diarmit, Manager, Blackbird Restaurant (Dining Strategies)
Gary Dombroff, New York State Insurance Fund (Networking Strategies)
Buell Duncan, Retired Chairman of SunBank, Inc. (Seven Steps)
Daniel Goldman, Author, Social Intelligence (Networking Strategies)
Joshua Greene, Editor, Wine & Spirits Magazine (Dining Strategies)
Mary Hart, Entertainment Tonight (Networking Strategies)
Horace, quote (Event Strategies)
Azra Hussain, President, Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona (Dining Strategies)
Donna Hylton, Executive Director, Kern Adult Literacy Council (Networking Strategies)
Henry James, Author, Portrait of a Lady (Dining Strategies)
Betty Jamison, Consultant (Seven Steps)
Robin Jay, Author, The Art of the Business Lunch  (Seven Steps)
John F. Kennedy, quote (Event Strategies)
Maham Khan, University Student  (Dining Strategies)
Zachary Kimble, Sales and Marketing, Marriott (Dining Strategies)
Hilka Klinkenberg, Etiquette International (Event Strategies)
Theresa Kleptach, Catering Director (Networking Strategies)
Fred Koehler, Owner, Lynfred Winery (Dining Strategies)
John Lang, CEO, A&E Hand Tools, A&E Inc. (Dining Strategies)
Harvey Mackay, Author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive. (Dining Strategies)
Judith Martin, Author and Syndicated Columnist, “Ms. Manners” (Seven Steps)
John Meinert, J. H. Chapman (Networking Strategies)
Charles Mitchell, Author, International Business Culture (Dining Strategies)
Dearl “Skip” Morris, Retired Corporate HR Manager, Caterpillar Inc. (Dining Strategies)
John Naisbitt, Author, “Megatrends” (Networking Strategies)
Jerald O’Kennard, Greater Chicago Area – Director at Beverage Testing Institute,   (Dining Strategies)
Patrick Ottensmeyer, Former Professor, DePaul University (Dining Strategies)
Kevin Pang, Staff Reporter, Chicago Tribune  (Dining Strategies)
Pierre Pollin, Former Owner, Le Titi De Paris Restaurant (Dining Strategies)
Donato Poto, Former Manager, Bastide Restaurant (Dining Strategies)
Patty Quaid, Sacred Grounds Manager (Dining Strategies)
Francois de La Rochefoucald, quote (Event Strategies)
Susan Ratliff, President, Susan Ratliff Presents Inc. (Networking Strategies)
David Rydell, President, Bergstrom Manufacturing (Event Strategies)
Joe Schoeder, Network Marketer and Trainer (Networking Strategies)
George Bernard Shaw, quote (Event Strategies)
Allen N. Shub, Ph.D., Associate Provost, Northeastern Illinois University (Dining Strategies)
Cynthia Stone, Hospitality Consultant (Dining Strategies)
John Strausbaugh, Contributing Editor, American Heritage Magazine (Dining Strategies)
W. R. Tish, Columnist, Private Clubs Magazine (Dining Strategies)
William Thourlby, Author, Passport to Power (Seven Steps)
Shania Twain, Singer (Event Strategies)
Margaret Visser, Author, The Rituals of Dinner  (Dining Strategies)
Sarah Weddington, former Assistant to the President of the United States (Networking Strategies)


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