A Note from the Author

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“The Art of Professional Connections” is based on decades of experience presenting seminars to corporations, conducting private consultations for individuals, attending learning symposiums, and participating in professional and social events. While these experiences have been personally very rewarding, I have also had and witnessed my share of mishaps and awkward moments. It has always been a priority for me to reflect on those experiences and figure out what went wrong and what could be improved. Then share! Learning from successes and mishaps is how you improve.

My process in the development of handouts, workbooks, and handbooks for each seminar or training session has involved conducting assessments and connecting with specialty experts and accomplished professionals. It’s important to ensure that all my seminar content reflects current trends and client needs. This book series is no exception. A carefully selected team of experts have added to the inspiration and timeliness of each chapter.



What inspired me to write this series?

A strong desire to share! Cancer prompted action! I had no idea that I was ill. One evening, as I was getting ready for a formal wine pairing dinner, I experienced excruciating abdominal pains and ended up in ER. The next day I learned that I had a rare form of cancer and came close to not seeing another day. While in the hospital it dawned on me that if I had not survived, all my knowledge and work would be gone. However, a legacy of books keeps that learning alive. To some degree, it was like therapy, because I was dealing with challenging personal issues at the same time and writing gave me a dual escape.

Don’t Allow a Setback to Set You Back!
Use that Time to Reflect and Write YOUR Book!

When I returned to work, I reached out to my database of clients, colleagues, and other experts for their input. I asked those interested to select chapters that they would be interested in reviewing. Their feedback revealed where my material was strong, where it was weak, and where there were voids. My experience and knowledge base, however extensive, are somewhat limited because I cannot have every experience. No one can! And, if I was going to invest the time, energy, and financials into this book series, I wanted it to be as comprehensive as possible with every “i” dotted and “t” crossed—if you know what I mean!

Why Every Desk Should Have This Series

Whether I am developing a program for a client or out networking, I constantly hear about the lack of professionalism encountered in day-to-day business ventures. Furthermore, the casualness of many business communities has caused confusion, created mixed messages, and depleted important elements of “professionalism.”  I have written this book series, The Art of Professional Connections, to offer clarity and to fill that void. Each book is designed to be classroom friendly, which means that you can add the content to your current training modules or classroom discussion!  The series is the perfect complement to every company’s “Best Practices” manual. 


Companies succeed through their people!
Your Key to Mastering the Art of Making Professional Connections is in Every Chapter

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