The Art of Professional Connections:

Dining Strategies for Building and
Sustaining Business Relationships



The following individuals served as fact-checkers and offered insights, experiences, quotes, and case studies that enhance the content of this book. (Note: Their titles and company affiliations are listed at the time of their involvement. In many cases, this has changed.)


What People Are Saying … 


Gloria is admired, and I am a fan. Dining Strategies for Building and Sustaining Business Relationships is wonderfully organized and reflects Gloria’s experience, knowledge, and passion. (In memory of Letitia Baldrige, 2012)

Letitia Baldrige
Author, New Manners for New Times

Carl Caldeira

Dining Strategies for Building and Sustaining Business Relationships is a practical hands-on training tutorial, ideal for any business wishing to succeed in today’s socially complex global business environment. The proper navigation and understanding of the business meal is as crucial to your success as the product and services your company offers.  Don’t let an etiquette faux pas impede your relationship-building opportunity during a business dinner. This is a must read for all business executives.

─Carl Caldeira, MBA
Former President and CEO, Rapid Granulator, Inc.


Gloria Petersen has truly hit the mark with Dining Strategies for Building and Sustaining Relationships. This is one of the most practical and useful books I’ve read. The book covers all the fundamentals of dining that everyone needs to know, especially the business professional. However, it’s not a book just for business professionals. It’s a great book for anyone who may find themselves in a dining or entertaining situation where proper etiquette and decorum could have an impact. In this book, Gloria Petersen describes real-life dining situations that people are sure to encounter. I find it full of useful tips and guidance that apply to almost everyone in every walk of life. I recommend this book to any professional who conducts business of any kind while dining. It should be required reading for any young professional entering the workplace, especially for anyone who may have contact with customers or vendors. As an international business traveler myself, I know the importance of understanding cultural differences and the various dining protocols you encounter. This book highlights some of the differences to expect when dining outside of the U.S.A. It is a very enjoyable and beneficial book to read.

Bruce Nicholas
Vice President Human Resources, Global Integrated Products Division, Molex Incorporated


Gloria Petersen’s Dining Strategies is a road map for the often intimidating world of business entertaining. The book succeeds at empowering readers to conduct themselves knowledgeably in various business situations. The topics covered in the book are essential elements of the professional world and require continuous polishing and practice.

Carla Edelston
Senior Associate Director, Career Management Center, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University


Dining Strategies for Building and Sustaining Business Relationships is a comprehensive and complete guide to successful entertaining for beginning and seasoned professionals. It’s a must read for professionals early in their career. Even with my years of experience hosting prospects and helping clients and colleagues develop relationships, I find that the content gives me a refreshed approach and a renewed sense of power, poise and presence. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who wishes to elevate and enhance their personal and business dining experiences.

Kate Van Driel
Vice President, Executive Banking Relationship Manager, National Bank of Arizona


Dining Strategies for Building and Sustaining Business Relationships is a must-have book. Gloria Petersen helps you understand the power and impact your professional meals have in establishing important business relationships. She presents a variety of challenging and potentially embarrassing scenarios and guides you through them with polish and grace. Even if you were raised with impeccable manners, Gloria will surprise you and expand your definition of what it means to dine with ease and elegance. So don’t let a meal spoil your appetite for a great professional partnership.

Caterina Clarke
Leadership Development, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

SameenaMBasit - Copy

As an American native raised in an East Indian home, I wish I had this book years ago. It is very comprehensive and would be an invaluable guide to anyone new to the U.S. or raised in another culture. While many books of this type tend to focus solely on American or Continental customs, Gloria gives insight and encouragement to readers to explore other traditions or share their own.

Sameena Mustafa Basit
Past Board Member, Director of Professional Development, NAAAP