The Art of Professional Connections:

Success Strategies for Networking
in Person and Online

Endorsements and Testimonials


The following individuals served as fact-checkers and offered insights, experiences, quotes, and case studies that enhance the content of this book. (Note: Their titles and company affiliations are listed at the time of their involvement. In many cases, this has changed.)


What People Are Saying …


Gloria Petersen proves herself a competent expert and capable author with Success Strategies for Networking in Person and Online, book two of the series she launched with The Art of Professional Connections. Gloria shines a light on networking as a career management tool for the professional worker and takes the guesswork out of networking—empowering us to take the brave steps to get in the game! She demonstrates how to succeed in the situations we find ourselves in and make the best of the opportunities around us. Gloria reinforces the need to develop networking as a career management tool that supports the professional worker through the inevitable job transitions and business needs we will face in our careers.

Christine Vicari
Senior Consultant, Waldron HR 


Gloria Petersen has done it again! Success Strategies for Networking in Person and Online is required reading for anyone interested in increasing their professional and/or personal networks. Not only has Gloria developed a timely, comprehensive, and practical guide to networking, she practices what she teaches by including perspectives of other industry experts. She presents a clear path at both the macro- and micro-levels on how to take control of and improve your personal and online image; create, improve, and manage your network connections; and project the type of confidence that brings guaranteed results. I have attended her programs and read her books, and I would recommend applying the guidelines that Gloria suggests because they work! As a young working professional who moves in international and domestic circles, I find the principles she outlines in this book integral to laying the groundwork for my present and future professional endeavors. Following her philosophy has led me to mentors, job offers, educational and training opportunities, and personal connections I would not have had otherwise. Whatever your personal or professional goals may be, I am delighted to endorse this book as a key to success.

Meredith Shake-Burrows
Middle East Specialist, United States Department of Defense


I hate networking, but even I’ve become quite proficient following Gloria’s sage advice. Success Strategies helps from the handshake to the hors d’oeuvres, and the cocktail to the commentary. If you want to be successful meeting others, meet Gloria first through this outstanding book.

Alan Weiss, PhD
Author, Million Dollar Consulting and The Consulting Bible


No more excuses! Learn what top business leaders know and use every day. Follow the path that is straightforward to bring key influencers and business contacts into your life through positive impactful networking. Ms. Petersen wants everyone to be a winner and she gives you the tools to achieve success. Success Strategies for Networking in Person and Online is a teaching tool that can transform one’s life both in business and personal interactions. Her style is one of openness, sharing personal stories, and practical steps that are invaluable and easy to incorporate. She is clear on what kind of personal exchanges work and what kind do harm to one’s status. Everyone from seasoned business execs to college grads need this book to set themselves apart and shine!

Christine Jurich
Corporate Recruiter


I really love Success Strategies for Networking in Person and Online! A very timely and much needed book! I love how direct and “real” the guidance is. I love numbers, bullet points and any writer who can cut to the essence of what needs to be communicated without compromising the content. “Boom, boom, boom, here’s the info, now get out there and do it!” Really good stuff. It’s sad to see more networking opportunities available than ever before (both real and virtual) and yet less time and attention spent on becoming a successful networker. Major opportunities are being lost by those interested in growing productive and mutually beneficial relationships because they don’t seem to know how to properly leverage the networking opportunities in front of them. I am very impressed with the specific guidance contained in Success Strategies for Networking in Person and Online. It is very well organized and begs to be used as an ongoing reference resource. This is the kind of book that will literally make an immediate bottom-line impact for small business owners and anyone seeking to expand their relationships and grow their organization’s reach.

David Moss
Consultant, Chamber for Good 

Neil U

I found Success Strategies for Networking in Person and Online to be a great read! Networking is much more than attending events, meeting people, swapping business cards, and following up with those we’ve met. When representing Caterpillar at colleges, universities, and affinity group career events, the use of mobile devices was one thing I paid particular attention to. As the students mingled throughout the career event, I watched to see which ones would walk from recruiter to recruiter and interact. Those were the ones that I was interested in talking with, not the ones standing on the sidelines checking their phones. The book’s comment about stepping outside the room after you’ve met a few people and collected their business cards to jot down a quick note on the back of the cards is invaluable! That is the best way to remember someone, even if it is a note that you (and only you) will see. I also appreciate the book’s comments on inappropriate material or comments on Facebook, Twitter, etc.; the importance of asking questions of cultures and things you do not understand; and that taking the initiative to walk to someone’s desk rather than sending an email will help you grow professional working relationships.

Neil Urbanowski
Human Resources Consultant, Caterpillar Inc.



Gloria, I recently attended the worldwide ERC (Employers Resource Council) global symposium and applied some of the tips and techniques that you share in your books, Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings and Confident Interactions and Success Strategies for Networking in Person and Online:

Instead of offering my card first, I used the simple phrase, “May I give you my card?” and then offered my card. I felt that the recipients really did appreciate that, and they responded very warmly. Also, I found that I didn’t like it when others sat at the dinner table and just “plopped” their card in front of everyone. It seemed so impersonal.

Your tip to “focus on making connections for other people” worked wonderfully. I met a few first-time attendees to whom I was able to give pointers and they made it a point to email me their thanks afterward.

When I noticed people sitting for a few minutes “refueling,” I followed another tip and decided to join them (asking first, of course!) and discuss the sessions. One conversation was about a phone app class; it turns out that one gentleman at the table had really wanted to attend that class, and he asked me to email him the details. I followed up promptly, and a week later he emailed me “much thanks” as the apps really were useful to him.

The following week I attended a Friends of the NRA dinner and followed your tips on introductions by repeating everyone’s name and finding a common link. As a result, I was able to connect three couples with a bow hunting hobby at the same table. They had a great time.

I am looking forward to trying the dining tips at my next family function─Thanksgiving dinner!

Debra Wisniewski
Relocation Director at Dickerson & Nieman Realtors