The Art of Professional Connections:

Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings and
Confident Interactions

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The following individuals served as fact checkers and offered insights, experiences, quotes, and case studies that enhance the content of this book. (Note: Their titles and company affiliations are listed at the time of their involvement. In many cases, this has changed.)


What People Are Saying … 


A fantastic read – The Art of Professional Connections is constructive and to the point.  Gloria has managed to capture the essence of “personal conversation in prose,”, which is so natural and flowing that you feel she is speaking directly to you.  In seven very easy steps you learn that “You are your business!” and how to successfully project yourself so that everyone else knows it too.

─Maryanne Weiss,
President of Gustare Ltd. Formerly Greater Phoenix SCORE, Vice-President — Arizona District SCORE, Skills Commissioner — Arizona Department of Education


I love The Art of Professional Connections. It is as practical as it is inspirational. I like the organization and flow of the thoughts, and I especially like chapter five on conversational skills. Gloria Petersen has found a way to make the subject easy to understand without losing any of the magic associated with making connections. Practical, thoughtful, and always useful, this book is perfect for anyone serious about networking. With four generations represented in the workplace, Gloria has found a way to make connections regardless of what age you are. This book is indispensable to the new employee, timeless in its advice for even the most seasoned networker, and easily applies to any social situation outside the office. For anyone focused on making connections count this is essential reading.

David Medrano,
Training Manager, Major Southern California Utility;  Assistant Dean, University of Toyota 


“Empowering!” This is the word that best summarizes The Art of Professional Connections. In today’s diverse workforce, strong interpersonal skills are essential in order to be successful. Gloria Petersen’s book connects across generations and cultures to build awareness that leads to better interaction with others. This book provides the tools you need to have the confidence in any personal or professional setting. This is a life-changing book. I highly recommend it.

Elida Sarmiento 
Past President of the San Francisco Hispanic Affairs Advisory Council


The Art of Professional Connections will surely be useful to anyone who is looking to develop their personal presence in social interactions or during networking events. In a concise way, it provides practical advice on how to conduct oneself in a business setting and how to demonstrate personal ethics in such situations. Overall, the book discusses meaningful ways to be more pro-social toward others and helps to stimulate a sense of professionalism and self-confidence in social interactions.

─Marie-Élène Roberge, MPS, PhD,.
Assistant Professor of Management, College of Business and Management, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago


The Art of Professional Connections offers practical advice that will help the reader make a good impression. Even I, at sixty-five, got some good ideas from it!

─Tom Horne
Arizona Attorney General


The Art of Professional Connections is one of the most comprehensive and concise collections of guidelines for personal conduct and presentation for youths, parents, and professionals on the market today. I consider it a most practical and useful instructional guide because it is applicable to so many of life’s encounters, including family, school, and business interactions. The knowledge and insights that Gloria shares and the application of these guidelines will result in confidence building and raising a person’s “power, poise, and presence.”

─Horst Kniesel
Retired First Vice President, JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, Chicago

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The Art of Professional Connections is a breath of fresh air! The author’s ability to educate us (Gen Xers) on the very important principles needed for successful interactions in a business environment is impressive, and the lessons learned from this book are priceless. It is full of wisdom, new ideas, and great concepts.

─Jason Naill
Loan Officer, Republic Mortgage Formerly Senior Loan Officer at Midwest Community Bank, Chicago

1 Doug Bruhnke (2)


Gloria Petersen first and foremost is an extraordinary global citizen who knows about connections from a lifetime of experiences and successes. The Art of Professional Connections gives the serious reader the information he or she needs to be a global connections expert. I enjoyed learning new techniques and confirming what I’ve learned, especially in the global business space. Gloria’s book is an outstanding addition for international business professionals and for students who are looking to grow their connections, influence, and business globally. I highly recommend it.

─Doug Bruhnke
CEO of Growth Nation, Scottsdale, Arizona