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Gloria Petersen
Author, Speaker, Trainer
Phoenix, Arizona     USA

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602-882-8493/cell  or



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do bulk orders work?
    Soft cover version is available for discounted bulk orders in large quantity increments. Ebook versions are only available at online bookstores.

    Can I order a soft cover and Ebook version companion?
    Yes. This is a great option at

    Do your books accompany your seminars at a discount?
    Yes. No matter how large or small the group, our books are dramatically discounted when ordered as part of your seminar materials.

    Is your seminar fee discounted if back of the room book sales are allowed?
    Yes. This is negotiated.

    What is the best use of your books?
    As reference material and a teaching aid. They are indexed so that you can find what you need to know fast. The content was developed in a timeless (classic) format so the information does not become obsolete and can be adjusted to meet your current needs.

    A review quiz follows each chapter or the book ends with a project so that you can use the material to engage students. Very valuable format for high school and college students.



    “The Art of Professional Connections,” book series serves as a textbook company to our SME training modules.
    Visit for details.