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NetworkingWebpngNetworking is Not Just a Necessity; It Is a Priority in Today’s Business Climate.

Gloria Petersen Shares Her Strategies for Building Your Networking Skills and Making Connections.

Which scenario sounds like you?

  • The last thing you want to fit into your busy work week is a long, boring networking session with a group of people you don’t really know, where you stand around hoping someone will talk to you that actually has an interest in meeting you.
  • You feel awkward walking into a room and trying to engage in conversation.
  • You have a fear of rejection or feel you don’t fit in.
  • You would rather rely on social media and hook up with people online, yet it feels less engaging and more time consuming than productive.
  • You always leave with a bunch of business cards, but don’t know how to manage them.

YOU had a strategy to make
in-person and online networking
more enjoyable and productive?


Start by establishing a comfort zone with networking. Then, learn the strategies for ensuring successful interactions at networking events. Finally, realize that it is not just about you, it’s about connecting people and being a resource. Gloria Petersen approaches networking as a career management tool for connecting people. She acknowledges that there are many different personal styles of networking and, if all fails, she can give you pointers on how to start a networking group. It’s all about plugging in, connecting with people, and being a people connector. The person you help will remember your efforts and eventually help you.

Five Paths to Create Your Person-to-Person and Online Networks

Make it a win-win!
Use Success Strategies for Networking in Person and Online as your guide. Gloria’s overall objective is to introduce newcomers (and old-timers) to all their options, take the awkwardness out of attending networking events, and help you design a networking model that achieves your goals.



  1. Determine the networking strategy that works for you, take a prospecting approach, and understand the value of being a people connector.
  2. Demonstrate that confidence makes all the difference! Develop a plan for overcoming social barriers, dilemmas, shyness, or faux pas;  interact with self-assuredness; and be prepared in every detail.
  3. Set goals for your networking efforts and follow your plan, familiarize yourself with the types and styles of networkers, and then track, qualify, and follow up on connections.
  4. Create a strategy with social media, build your online presence and engage prospects comfortably, and protect yourself by creating a social media best practices manual.
  5. Know what it takes to start your own networking group or event, motivate yourself to take action, and learn from the pros how they created their empires.


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The strategies Gloria presents have been developed with the assistance of the Global Protocol advisory board and team of experts (from a diverse range of occupations and industries). Their opinions and contributions have ensured that the material is timeless, accurate, and useful. Cash in on the expertise of a professional mentor who will guide you step by step in developing and refining your professional persona and overall effectiveness.


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