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Hosting Events and Entertaining Customers Are Integral to Business Success

Gloria Petersen’s Strategies Will Energize Your Event and Solidify Your Client Relationships

Do any of the following reflect your experience?

  • This is the first year that you’re in charge of the annual corporate conference and you want to make it the best event ever. However, you do not have event planning experience. How do you lay the foundation and master the logistics for a memorable event?
  • You have international representatives attending your company’s annual trade show and you’ve been put in charge of hospitality—showing them the city and making sure they have a good time when they’re not visiting your booth. What are the dos and don’ts of hosting international visitors?
  • This year you will be attending several corporate celebrations and you want to be sure that you understand all the protocols and expectations for yourself and your guests. What are tips for being a gracious host and an impeccable guest, and what is the best way to show appreciation?

Oh my!
Event Planning Details seem endless.
Where do you start and how do you end?


Whether you are host or guest, participant or spectator, Gloria Petersen’s Event Strategies for Successful Business Entertaining contains a wealth of information and insight into hosting events and understanding proper business protocol when entertaining. There are so many details to consider when putting together or even attending a corporate event—knowing the goals, sending the invitations, following the proper dress code, accommodating guests, avoiding faux pas, covering all the assignments, taking care of business gifts, and more. Conferences and trade shows are often annual events, but the need for professionalism and understanding expectations remains paramount.

Ten Ways to Make Your Business Events Extraordinary
Gloria Petersen can help you showcase your personal presence and charisma when you’re called to entertain professionally. In Event Strategies, her objective is to enhance your “social-ability” skills and further your success.


What You Need to Know

  1. Understand the principles and strategies of business entertaining, create an energizing social environment by setting goals, creating plans, and assembling the right team, and make your event memorable;
  2. Consider all the logistics and details to stage a successful event, from invitations to decorations to seating to caterers, know all the protocols and expectations, and avoid pitfalls;
  3. Extend and respond to a variety of invitations (postal and electronic) with ease and unravel the “what to wear” dilemma.
  4. Understand the responsibilities of being a host or guest, guidelines for selecting a master of ceremony, and tips for accommodating special needs guests.
  5. Cover rules, expectations, and proper etiquette for attending cultural events and concerts, and introduce the finer points of home entertainment;
  6. Realize that corporate sporting events or retreats are for team building, and there are principles that cover the dos and don’ts of being a participant or a spectator;
  7. Reinforce the notion that business parties and events are for socializing and that there are expectations and specific protocols for everyone in attendance, from the CEO to employees and guests;
  8. Remind everyone that the main focus at a major conference or trade show is to represent their company, manage a successful booth, make the most of the event, and still find time to relax and have fun safely;
  9. Provide guidelines on giving business gifts, reciprocating gifts, and declining gifts, and above all showing appreciation and making people feel special;
  10. Impress upon everyone to plan for every detail, provide tried and tested checklists, and convey the importance of evaluating each event afterward.

Event Strategies for Successful Business Entertaining is volume four of Gloria Petersen’s series, The Art of Professional Connections. With a subject as intricate as event planning, she has gone to great detail to assemble checklists for you to create your own events with confidence and thoroughness. To take advantage of this resourceful guidebook and add it to you career library today. This series includes:

  • Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings and Confident Interactions
  • Success Strategies for Networking in Person and Online
  • Dining Strategies for Building and Sustaining Business Relationships

If you are a trainer or professor, consider adding the module companions to your curriculum in an easy to use format. For details, visit

The strategies Gloria presents have been developed with the assistance of an advisory board, business leaders from a diverse range of occupations and industries, and fact checkers have ensured that the material is current, accurate, and complete. Cash in on the expertise of a professional mentor who will guide you step by step in developing and refining your professional persona.

A “must have” book that redirects careers … the right way

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A Personal Note From The Author

I have attended and I have helped plan numerous banquets, conventions, cultural events, and sporting activities—as a participant, as a speaker, and sometimes merely as a spectator. This experience includes serving as a protocol adviser for a past Olympics. Whenever I receive a unique event request, I create a file of my tasks, experiences, and observations, and I use this information later when I’m customizing a seminar handbook. This habit has helped me create seminars that better prepare my clients to receive international visitors, to serve as protocol logistic advisers, and to organize business entertaining and educational events of all kinds.

Admittedly, since I do not have all the experience or all the expertise needed to write a comprehensive book about event planning on my own, I have engaged the help of experts who plan or work with business events. Without them, Event Strategies for Successful Business Entertaining could not have happened. Every event and every situation is unique and has different needs.

This book addresses the basics of organizing business events—everything from cultural events and sporting activities to educational conferences and trade shows. You will learn what you need to know about staging, hosting, and participating in events. It will guide you step by step from the initial planning stages to the last and most important step: the debriefing afterward. It will make you comfortable being the host or being a guest, being a participant or merely a spectator. 

The objectives of this book are …busEvent

  • To identify the differences between a discussion meeting, an educational event, and an experiential activity;
  • To ascertain that there are three main components (the “social-ability” element, the planning element, and the creative element) that contribute to the success of an event;
  • To familiarize yourself with all the behind-the-scenes preparation that goes into every event;
  • To emphasize the important role protocol and etiquette play in making an event successful; and
  • To support the notion that there are different approaches based on different experiences.

Most importantly, Event Strategies is about being prepared, about creating the right conditions and the best atmosphere for solidifying relationships with clients, customers, prospects, and employees.

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