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NetworkingWebpngNetworking Is So Much More Than Just a Necessary Evil in Today’s Business Climate

Gloria Petersen Shares Her Strategies for Building Your Networking Skills and Making Connections

The last thing you want to fit into your busy work week is a long, boring networking session with a group of people you don’t really know, where you stand around hoping someone will talk to you who actually has an interest in meeting you. When it comes to attending an event that’s set up for the sole purpose of helping you mix and mingle, you just feel awkward trying to make contacts. What you would rather do is rely on social media and hook up with people online, but even there you’re coming up against roadblocks. How can you not want to dive into Success Strategies for Networking in Person and Online? Gloria Petersen approaches networking as a career management tool for connecting people. She acknowledges that there are many different personal styles of networking and, if all fails, she can give you pointers on how to start a networking group. She will help you realize that your in-person and online presence have to be in sync, and that you have to protect your reputation in both arenas. Step one is to establish a comfort zone with networking. Step two is to learn the strategies for ensuring successful interactions at networking events. Step three is that it’s not just about you, it’s about connecting people. And step four is to use Success Strategies for Networking as your guide. Gloria’s overall objective is to introduce newcomers (and old-timers) to all their options, take the awkwardness out of attending networking events, and help you design a networking model that achieves your goals.

Five Paths to Create Your Person-to-Person and Online Networks

  1. Determine the social networking strategy that works for you, make social prospecting comfortable and successful, understand the value of being a people connector;
  2. Demonstrate that confidence makes all the difference, develop a plan for overcoming social barriers, dilemmas, shyness, or faux pas and interacting with self-assuredness, and be prepared in every detail;
  3. Set goals for your networking efforts and following your plan, familiarize yourself with the types and styles of networkers, and then track, qualify, and follow up on connections;
  4. Create a strategy with social media, build your online presence and engage prospects comfortably, and protect yourself by creating a best practices manual;
  5. Know what it takes to start your own networking group or event, motivate yourself to take action, and learn from the pros how they created their empires.

In Success Strategies for Networking in Person and Online Gloria Petersen takes the guesswork out of networking. It’s all about plugging in, connecting with people, and being a people connector. The person you help will help you. This is the second volume in Gloria’s four-volume series, The Art of Professional Connections. And that is what she is all about: making professional connections. And isn’t that the definition of networking? Her advisory board consists of business leaders she has connected with over the years. Together with all of her fact checkers, she has put together a network of experts who have helped her provide the “best of the best” strategies for you. So take advantage of their expertise.

A Personal Note From Gloria

Gloria Petersen Press Photo

Gloria Petersen, Author


Why … write a book on networking when there is so much information on how to network available?

Answer: Because there are steps that keep getting skipped!

To write a helpful networking guide, I had to do a lot of reflecting on my past experiences, dig through notes on the topic, communicate with networkers (in person and online), and attend as many different kinds of networking events as I could find. Then I asked networking “experts or pros” that I have met along the way to help me develop the gray areas.

If you were to describe a “networking” event, what would you say? It can conjure up a lot of different explanations because it is based on everyone’s individual experience and personal preference. It might be easier to describe what it is not. The reality is that you cannot avoid networking. The moment you mention your profession or place of work, you start the ball rolling. There are many ways to mingle and to network. Each option will have its own identity or purpose, and the events will have a specific focus in terms of the work they do and the markets in which they compete for your involvement. For many the concept of in-person or online networking to secure job opportunities or achieve success is not readily understood or comfortable. The objectives of this book are . . .engageNetworking

  1. To introduce those newer to networking all of their options;
  2. To take the awkwardness out of attending a networking event; and
  3. To help you design a networking model that will work for you.

This book is written to make the transition into the world of networking circles easier and less intimidating. The chapters will introduce you to a wide range of networking options, to eliminate misconceptions, and to help you plan your networking strategy by utilizing people.

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