Master The Art Of Professional Connections

“The Art of Professional Connections is based on more than 25 years of experience presenting seminars to corporations, conducting private consultations for individuals, attending learning symposiums, and participating in professional and social events. While these experiences have been personally very rewarding, I have also had my share of mishaps and awkward moments. It has always been a priority for me to reflect on those experiences and figure out what went wrong and what I could do to improve.”   —Gloria Petersen, Author



Art of Professional Connections

Dan Schawbel, Author, says the following: “Soft skills are more important than hard skills when hiring—companies today are hiring for corporate fit over qualifications. Millennials need to get offline and build relationships and social skills because they’re dealing with different generations in the workforce.” (Source: T+D Training+Development magazine)

Our four-book series is your soft skills bible. Purchase your copy today.

  1. Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings and Confident Interactions
  2. Success Strategies for Networking in Person and Online
  3. Dining Strategies for Building and Sustaining Business Relationships
  4. Event Strategies for Successful Business Entertaining

Visit each book’s menu title for

  • an overview of that title,
  • detailed endorsements and testimonials,
  • list of chapters, and
  • objectives each chapter.



Why should you own this book series?
Because professionalism has become a missing link in too many
successful business interactions.

A “Professional Connection” is a connection made with the utmost adherence to business etiquette, protocol, and ethics. This four-book series will assist you in building client relationships with great competence by exuding the highest standards, displaying a commanding professional presence, and demonstrating exemplary business-building people skills. The four titles cover every facet of developing professional connections.

A “must have” book series that redirects careers … the right way! How?  Business-related social engagements are powerful events. Any one of them can work “for” you or “against” you (or “make” you or “break” you). This four-book series, The Art of Professional Connections, offers career-building content and thought-provoking ideas, from greeting and networking to meeting over meals to engaging in business events.

This website is designed to give you insights into the development of each book and its respective chapters with the purpose of helping you engage in successful business interactions. The idea is to help you and your staff better prepare successful meetings or events. I hope that I have accomplished this by detailing the inspiration for each chapter and outlining its objectives.

Become a Professional Presence, Business Etiquette, and Protocol Facilitator! Each book comes with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) companion. Visit for details.
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Features and Benefits:

BookEnds2Every desk should have this series as a part of their career advancement tool chest.

  • The guidebooks are written in an easy-to-read format with quotes, case studies, and real-life experiences to support each point.
  • Each chapter begins with objectives to make it easier for professors and trainers to use and integrate the content into classroom studies.
  • Each chapter concludes with a review/quiz for discussion purposes, for testing your knowledge base, and in some cases for creating a project after reading the book.
  • The books have color-coded spines so that, at a glance, you can identify which title you need at any moment.
  • Each book ends with a detailed index so that the reader can quickly find what he or she needs to know.

These books represent my legacy as a gift to you!

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